80’s Babies will be a scripted series, centered around an ensemble cast of thriving 20 something’s, living in NYC trying to overcome challenges in both their personal and professional lives. It’s a dramedy that focuses on the diverse and unique culture of young go-getters born in the 1980’s. As each of them chase success and love we’ll witness their struggles to dig deep inside to uncover hidden truths about their past and present as they strive to build their futures. Through it all their friendships, faith and determination will serve as their saving grace.  Each character’s ambition, style and swagger is contagious and viewers can look forward to latching onto their stories as their own aspirational testimony for being young, gifted and fly…” The pilot will be pitched to specifically targeted networks and cable channels. 80’s Babies is the brainchild of Thembi Banks who wrote, produces and stars in the piece.


Zakiyah, the sensible, opinionated city girl keeps her friends in check and offers sound advice. But her own inability to take chances and a leap of faith will soon be tested as she faces tough times while climbing the ladder of success.

Actress: Thembi Banks


Marcus is a hustler that has worked hard from his humble beginnings to achieve success in the business world. With his undeniable good looks and charming persona, he practically has to beat the ladies off with a stick. He seems to have the perfect life but soon have to deal with his staggered past and possibly make a life changing decision.

Actor: Jason Hurt


Malynn is the not so southern belle with enough sass and pretention to keep everyone in her circle on their toes and within seconds of telling her off. She lives in a utopian world and constantly indulges her desires, nonetheless she’s a loyal friend and manages to have a love/hate relationship with most people she encounters.

Actress: Nia Fairweather


Troy Demetrius Farmington or “Demi” as his friends call him is an absolute diva! Born in the south, he migrated to New York after college for a career in fashion. A certified mover and shaker, he always gets what he wants and is full of aggressive ambition. His ultimate goal is to establish his own celebrity styling business but he’ll soon find out everyone hits a brick wall or two and their way up.

Actor: Mychael Chynn


Most people would say Joy was probably a Black panther in her past life. A stand out revolutionary, she wears her heart on her sleeve. Falling in and out of love all while fighting injustice and working as a community activist, she’s got her hands full. Although on the surface she seems to have it all together, she often longs for a way out of the box she’s categorized herself in.

Actress: Cherayla Davis


Much love to the entire cast!! I had a blast with each of you!! 🙂

For more information about this production email: 80sbabiescasting@gmail.com

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