[ oOoO..Little Dominic Oliveri ] Miami, Florida

July 30, 2009

What better way to spend the 4th of July then with this little guy! I was DYING to meet the “real” Dominic… last time I “saw” him he was in the womb…hehe

This picture was taken at the baby shower a year ago 7/12/08


I have been friends with mommy Nikki since middle school. She was the first one of our group to have a baby so you know of course he’s spoiled with so much *LOVE* from all his “aunties”.

So….Hello Sir Dominic πŸ™‚



I love when they get interactive with me.. Up close and personal!


Now let me tell you this little one is a fearless!!! He climbed those stairs like it was nobody’s business!!


This was one of those “inbetween” shots that is SoOOoO one of my *faves*



Nikki’s dad (pictured below) seriously has to be one of the BEST grandfathers ever!! He was the ONLY one that could make Dominic smile. He would so this little shuffle dance what was hilarious!! G-Pa’s ROCK!! πŸ˜€


On grandpa’s shoulder… SO SWEET!




And the smile I waited for the whole day!!!! He made me sweat.. But I got it!! πŸ˜‰


Many thanks to EVERYONE (Nikki, Mirella, Gizzo, Renee, Jonathan & of course Mr. Butts) for making this shoot a success!! — Ohh and of course for the GREAT BBQ after…

Have I ever mentioned I love my job?? hehe

The Aunties with baby D


  1. Lisel Butts says:

    i loveee it!!!!!!! and i loveeee your other photos too! your a great photographer! dominic looks soo cute!

  2. Michelle Hernandez says:

    oh my gosh!! how cute. Great shots of him Amy.. he is just adorable.

  3. Mackenzie says:

    such a cute little one! I particularly love the one with grandpa! that is the kind of pic that will be treasured forever!

  4. Leslie says:

    Hi, saw you on b school, wanted to stop by. These are too cute!

  5. Giselle says:

    Aww the pictures came out really nice.. The smile in the baby pool was classic.. =]

  6. J says:

    I would love to see what you could do with my little girl. If you are in Miami, holler via my email addy.

    Great work!

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