[ A Surprise for Cae’sare ] Atlanta, Georgia

August 10, 2009

My friend Cheri contacted me and let me know a group of her co-workers wanted to surprise their fellow co-worker Cae’sare with a maternity session. After a few months of strategically planning the day finally arrived. I was worried that Cae’sare would wonder who the random girl was at her shower but she was so consumed by the “surprise” of the baby shower that I blended in as one of the guest.

Cea'sre and Eric Baby Shower027

You know I love the details!!

The food was DELISH!! — Shout out to Cheri!!


Gotta love the games!! 🙂

Cea'sre and Eric Baby Shower055

The “surprise” gift that was presented to her.. A photo-session with yours truly immediately after the shower.

Gift provided by:

Sherry, Paula, LaRonta, Tara, Khaliah, and Cheri

Cea'sre and Eric Baby Show copy

Cae’sare and all the lovely ladies that made it happen!

Cea'sre and Eric Baby Shower108

A little about Cae’sare + Eric

Cae’sare and Eric, met in Tallahassee while attending Florida State University in 2001.  They became fast friends and this friendship bloomed into a loving relationship.  Now living in Atlanta, Georgia and pursuing successful careers the two are in love with each other and life!  Cae’sare and Eric share laughter, quiet times, and most importantly a deep love and commitment. Now the couple share something more, a blessing from God, they are expecting a daughter. Olivia is on the way and awaiting her are two sets of grandparents , along with her aunts, uncles, and a host of people ready to spoil her rotten (despite mom fighting it)!

Cae'sre and Eric Blog001

Cae'sre and Eric Blog002

Oh how I love shrubbery!! 🙂

Cae'sre and Eric Blog003

Isn’t she glowing!!!

Cae'sre and Eric Blog004

Cae'sre and Eric Blog005


Cae'sre and Eric Blog006

Hello Sir Eric..

Cae'sre and Eric Blog007

Cae'sre and Eric Blog008

Cae'sre and Eric Blog009

Candid moments are my *fave*

Cae'sre and Eric Blog010

Cae'sre and Eric Blog011

Nothing more beautiful then *life* in the making..

Cae'sre and Eric Blog012


Cae'sre and Eric Blog013

Cae'sre and Eric Blog014

Cae'sre and Eric Blog015

Thanks Cae’sare and Eric for a great session!!

  1. Shirley Collie says:

    You truly have a gift from God, thank you so much for the beautiful session you capture of life being seen in the moment of pictures. I love all the pictures – the one you title “Isn’t she glowing is indeed one of my favorites – my daughter is so beautiful. Thank you. My prayer for you is that God will continue to open your eyes to the wonderful gift He has place in you heart to see beyond the lens.

    “Mommy Collie”

  2. Mirella says:

    i hates this!! =( it makes me want to have a hubby & a bellyyyy =(
    ahahahhaa!! no but for real!! but thats just how goood they are ;o)

  3. Daniella Pinero says:

    ok i jst peeked at your site.. and Amy i ? it … and i would really like to hire you and take pics of me and my fam. Funny bc we haven’t done so yet and i must admit it;s bc i’m picky and haven’t found the right photographer. So PLS!!!

  4. Daniella Herdocia says:

    OMG! You make me want to be pregnant again so that you can take my pictures…. Didnt take nearly enough with Annabella.. what a precious time!!!

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