I posted this a while ago on my facebook page and only shared it with a few friends.. I read it over today and I thought what better way for YOU to get to know a little about me then sharing “randomness” about myself. Hope you enjoy!! >:)

(Picture below was taken on a random Monday… For all you curlies out there check out Miss Jessie’s.)


1. Unlike alot of people I actually LOVE my day job. I like my co-workers and the artist we represent. I look forward to what the next day has in store. But my photography business is what I love even more….>:)

2. Soda gives me hickups plus I’m not to fond of the beverage or many juices. I absolutely LOVE water!

3. I am obsessed with photo blogs (click the link to see my favorite). I go on them all the time.. Its one of my fave pass times..

4. I LOVE Cheese!! They affectionately call me a rat 🙂

5. I wish I was shorter. Like 4’11 or so and I also dislike my gap. My parents were crewel for not getting my braces! Yes I know many of you think “But your gap is you” umm no its not! lol.. Trust once I get a lil money in my piggy bank I will be a brace-face!

6. I like to buy multiples of things. Like say I see a shirt I really like and they have it in different colors…I get a few of them.. Goes for anything (shoes, scarfs, hair things… ect)

7. I can sense things before they happen not particularly to me but someone I’m acquainted to. Like for instance, I get a terrible feeling about a car accident happening.. within a few days it happens. No, I don’t know who its gonna happen to.. its just a feeling i get and once it happens that anxiety i felt vanishes.. till the next “premonition” comes along lol..
Hey maybe I’m semi psychic.

8. I plan on having my business based out of my home.. like have a separate guest house with my studio…

9. I’m addicted to BBM!!

10. I have a weird balance of patience and impatience.

11. I am a BIG believer that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

12. I have dumb blonde moments.. >:o)

13. I love raw cookie dough… and I get attacked all the time that I’m going to get salmonella poisoning.

14. I’ve become a pro at giving people my blank “wtf” stare. 😮

15. I have to admit i judge a man by his shoes… at least i do at first.. I love a man with nice sexy shoes >=)

16. I have no idea who first started calling me Aimes

17. I wish Raquel would move to NY and be my roommate 🙂 (hint hint)

18. I see the good in people before I see the bad… This is a blessing and a curse!

19. Alicia Keys — AS I AM cd is my favorite right now… I highly recommend Adele, ASA, Chrisette Michelle, Coldplay X&Y also 🙂

20. When i’m really angry I cry. People mistake this as weakness…

21. I have accomplished almost everything I’ve put my mind to. If i want it I go out and get it! 🙂

22. I love to treat myself 🙂 If I don’t who will?!?!??!

23. I fall asleep with my glasses on and I used to love how my ex used to take them and put them on my night stand for me 🙂 ( you know who you are) lol!

24. I can watch sex and the city over and over again… The girls have so much knowledge!!!! hehe

25. I love unconditionally.. 🙂

Anything else you want to know? Just ask!

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