**Before I being on the post please forgive my absence.. I’ve been really busy with my “day job”, traveling, shooting, mini-vacay, and of course editing.. But don’t fret! I have a bunch of posts to share.. So stay tuned..**

On one of my many trips to Miami, Florida I was scheduled to shoot lil Jordan bright and early on Saturday. Unfortunately the little black rain clouds of course showed up and we had to reschedule hoping that the next morning would be better… Luckily it was! I met Tenji + Jordan at Coral Reef Park where I had also shot the Pacetti family almost a year earlier..

Jordan as most little ones started off a bit shy in-front of my big lens hence the puzzled look below that I LOVE!!!

Jordan Bernier008

We were surrounded by a flock of birds and Jordan wasted no time getting acquainted…

Jordan Bernier003

Momma Tenji was sweet and brought a loaf of bread for the birdies.. but let me tell you those birds wasted no time!! As soon as a the “tweet” got out that there was food the WHOLE park posse surrounded us! I love the look on Tenji’s face! CLASSIC! πŸ™‚

Jordan Bernier018

So we out smarted the birds and went into a caged area of the park… — The irony! LOL

…and Jordan hoped on his bike and took it for a spin πŸ˜‰Jordan Bernier041

My *FAVE* of the session!!! Love everything about it!

Jordan Bernier044

Do you feel the love?

Jordan Bernier048

Plant one on me momma!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

Jordan Bernier055

Of course no shoot is complete without the *swagger*Β  glasses!

Jordan Bernier078

This is another one of my faves.. I love genuine smiles!

Jordan Bernier113

Jordan Bernier130

Jordan Bernier133

Classic Portrait…with a whole lotta cuteness!!!

Jordan Bernier160

Jordan Bernier168

Jordan Bernier170

Though the focus of this picture is obviously Jordan’s friend in the red.. I thought it was hilarious because it embodied Jordan’s love for “Mr. Turtle”.. When I tell you he totally love him! He didn’t want to leave his side.!! So cute!!

Jordan Bernier198

A perfect start to a Sunday morning!!

Thank you Tenji and Jordan for making it such a pleasant one! xoxo!!

See you soon!

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