*Disclaimer* I didn’t have my camera today, so my blackberry was my substitute πŸ˜‰

The day began with standing in 20* weather for an hour to get rush tickets for FELA! on Broadway. From the second you walk in all you want to do is get up and dance. It was extremely entertaining, funny, interactive, and just overall AHHMAAZZING!

After the show we decided to go to Union Square for some retail therapy and were encountered by 100’s of people in their underwear! Yes, you heard me right!! Boys and girls just frolicking in their knickers. Apparently it was “No pants on the subway” day. Craziness, But hey that’s why I *heart* NY!

Of course we got the nibbles so we headed to Republic. You would never guess the size of the place by looking through the storefront, its quite huge.. The tables were family style and the walls were covered with pictures of models with noodles. Quite a nifty idea since their slogan is “Think Noodles”. The atmosphere was modern, *toasty* and a perfect NYC take of Thai.

We finished the evening with some dessert from Cafeteria to commemorate Bola’s 23rd birthday on Tuesday..Happy Birthday Homie!!

Another perfect Sunday in the city..


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