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January 31, 2010

So its Sunday. Its cold. I’m lazy. Must do laundry. I’m enjoying my chat with Mrs. Boots. Bola called. Must call dad back. Have to print invoices. Must fold clothes. I need to cook. Rich Bride Poor Bride.I can’t seem to find my way out of my bed. Loving my old laptop today. Must edit. Great movie night yesterday. Almost done with New Moon. So far I’m team Jacob..Would love a massage right now. Ive been a blogger slacker. I need to get a new lens this week. Looking forward to working in Miami this upcoming weekend. I want to decorate. I want goulash. Got “Levelz” on my mind. I wish Chris still lived here. I need to call Drenita and plan our Broadways adventures. Blah the weekend is almost over.

Anyone else’sΒ  have Sunday thoughts like mine?


I am finally using Google reader. Thanks Jen for putting me on to this! I know i’m LATE!

  1. jenn says:

    Loves it! you will LOVE using RSS feeds…all the content right at your fingertips πŸ™‚ enjoy amies!

  2. D. Shel says:

    HA – On sunday I did laundry, cooked and worked on my proposal while watching the Grammy’s. Your Sunday was like my Saturday πŸ™‚

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