So Mrs. Boots inspired this post as she did one very similar on her blog. Its funny because I talk about Mrs. Boots all the time her real name is Raquel and no her last name isn’t Boots… and shes not married either.. HAHA! But she is my bestest friend ever, actually family since we are cousins.

For as long as I can remember it has been hunnybun and me 🙂 I sent her this, this morning..

Were two peas in a pod and I don’t think anyone gets me like she does.

So in lieu of her random ramblings I thought i’d share my own.

  • I am productive when I make a list for myself, if I don’t I just sit there thinking of everything that I DON’T have to do.
  • I have to sleep with “sound” a TV, radio a fan..something.
  • I get a fixation of food. I find something I like and eat it over and over again till I get sick of it, then I won’t eat it for months.
  • The smell of papaya makes me YACK!
  • I’m mildly dyslexic and hard of hearing.
  • I have to drink my coffee out of a straw, no other beverage.. just coffee.
  • I always tweeze my eyebrows after I brush my teeth
  • I used to have a ferret named Bandit that I loved but everyone else said she smelled. I want another one!
  • I have a love/hate relationship with editing.
  • I’m teaching myself to love to blog… It’s a work in progress
  • I stalk people of Facebook. (don’t judge)
  • I have to sleep with socks on, and I manage to kick (1) off every night.
  • I am a HORRIBLE story teller. So if you want all the details don’t ask me.
  • I hate listening to voice-mail. Text me please!
  • I LOVE Passion Fruit, but can never find it 🙁
  • I have a secret crush on Tom Hanks. (don’t judge)
  • Now that I have an “office” job. I wish that someone would deliver me flowers, just because.
  • I wear socks with my UGGS.
  • Every time I see a squirrel I smile.
  • I’m obsessed with Bumble & bumble hair products! I swear they turned my kinks into luscious locks 🙂
  • The first thing I do in the morning is look at my phone.
  • My dream car is a Volvo, yes I said it!
  • I HATE soggy bread!
  • I am convinced I was a twin!

Random things other people said about me:

  • Raquel said: You say “ho hum” in silence, like to break the silence.
  • Jennifer said: You bust out laughing for no reason. Your quiet as a mouse then all of a sudden you can’t contain yourself.
  • Yasmin said: You say “okies” all the time.
  • Tiffany said: You twitch your nose.
  • Eric said: You always have random lyrics on your AIM status
  • Ramon said: You smile alot,  more then most
  • Harold said: You randomly change your position  on trust and guys.
  • Kenny said: Call me? That’s very random. LOL

That’s all for now folks 🙂

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