So guys I am back in the city. The weather isn’t as bad as I thought but it is quite windy. I was looking forward to lunch with my girls and my linesister Kerri who is in town. I do have to say that I love the fact that someone is ALWAYS in town! 🙂

We headed to The Pink Tea Cup a quaint little soul food restaurant in the Village. We went to support “Team Teacup”.. See, due to financial constraints The Pink Teacup was faced with the hard decision to close its doors on Jan 3, 2010 after first opening 55 years ago. Thanks to loyal patrons, local support, and great PR from “Team Teacup” and  Work House Pr the quaint little establishment has been saved!! 🙂 I have enclosed the press release and some of pics of our fantabulous lunch! If your ever in the city and want to experience great home cooked soul food then this is your place! Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, Its a placed filled with great people and even greater food!




Indie Film Maker and Restaurateur Lawrence Page,
Saves a West Village Institution Again!
The Actor’s Playhouse Theater
3 January 2010
“When I heard about the impending closing of The Pink Teacup, I knew it was my destiny to step up and save it” says Lawrence Page.
New York City—The Pink Teacup will live on! For the past few weeks Team Teacup has been aggressively calling on loyal customers and New Yorkers alike to petition against threats of closure due to financial constraints and to save this legendary soul food haven. The cherished eatery’s hope for a Christmas miracle to save its collard greens was answered by Actor’s Playhouse theater proprietor, Lawrence Page.
Page will partner with current Pink Teacup manager, Vincent Pinkney to own and operate the restaurant. They have plans to keep the staff of 15 who were in jeopardy of losing their jobs if the restaurant closed. Page is best known for his purchase and restoration efforts of The Actors’ Theater Playhouse earlier this year. Page’s partnership with Vincent  to save the The Pink Teacup is consistent with his pledge to revitalize the West Village through salvaging it’s staple institutions. At this time it is being determined if the 55–year-old West Village establishment located at 42 Grove Street in New York City will be relocated or remain in its current location.
Interested media in covering the Fundraiser Celebration please contact Workhouse Publicity, CEO, Adam Nelson via email or directly by telephone 212. 645. 8006.
For more information on making a donation please email
Team Teacup is hosting the Save the Pink Teacup Fundraiser Celebration at the Actors’ Playhouse, 100 Seventh Ave, on 3 January 2010 from 8pm- 10:30pm. It will be free and open to the public in hopes to raise outstanding funds, as well as encouraging celebrity leverage and high profile individuals to lend their support. The Pink Teacup has set itself a target goal of earning $100,000 on 3 January 2010 to keep the New York City landmark alive.
To make a donation, visit the Save The Pink Teacup Paypal page:
Please show your support of this historical place by becoming a fan on Facebook: Save The Pink Tea Cup:
A team of New Yorkers have come together to help collect donations and raise public support The Pink Tea Cup. Consisting of Ebonie Johnson Cooper, Ezinne Kwubiri and Robert Harmon, Jr. these avid patrons are encouraging the local community to support this small family business by making donations at any and all levels. For more information please email
Loyal customers are showing their support and love to the “Save The Pink Teacup” Facebook Fan page, consisting over 1,100 fans and following the blog on Celebrities such as Susan Sarandon, QuestLove of The Roots and Jermaine Dupri have all lend their support to keep the doors of The Pink Teacup open.
Tucked into a cozy West Village storefront, the Pink Tea Cup is every bit as inviting as its name suggests, with crowded rows of petite wooden tables, faux-Tiffany hanging fixtures, and, soft rose-colored walls. Founded by Floridian Mary Raye in 1954, the restaurant’s tradition of home-style southern cooking is carried on today by Raye’s niece and grand-niece, and the convivial ambiance and menu reflect the restaurant’s devotion to homespun family fare. Like any good mom, the Pink Tea Cup offers an overwhelming spread: “Dinner” means soup, salad, entrĂ©e, bread, two vegetables, and dessert, served fast, hot, and in heaping portions. Pork chops and the barely breaded fried chicken are local favorites; sweet and spicy barbecued ribs and a side of salty collard greens are standouts.
That’s my Kerri 🙂
Afterward we weren’t ready to go home so we went to 123 Burger Shots Beer.. The shots were great and the Margaritas even better!!
Cheep too!!

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