Yes, I do most of my shopping at Forever 21 (don’t judge!)

I’m a frugal girl and I don’t like spending tons of $$ on trendy clothes that I can only wear once due to facebook, twitter, ect.. And honestly Forever 21 has the trendiest clothes at rock bottom prices. Don’t get me wrong I know everyone and their momma shops there and you can count on seeing your outfit on someone else, LOL, but I simply don’t care.

I love the fact that their sizes are pretty consistent and most of the time I don’t need to try things on. Makes my shopping experience soooo much better. The key to shopping at F21 is PIECES!! My biggest gripe is that they have sooo many options that shopping in the store can be impossible sometimes. Luckily, my BFF Mrs.Boots put me on to pre e-shopping at Here’s the trick!! Pick out the pieces you like online then go to the store and look those specific pieces. I promise you it will make your trip to the store happier!

Also, I think that F21 is so clever. They are creating lines for different kind of women, and men! Its a one stop shop.

I love thee!

Below are some of my F21 looks, do you own any of these as well? .hehe. 😉


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