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[ The “Blizzard”…lol ]

So by no means am I a real “northerner”. I am a Florida girl who happens to live in the city  .hehe.  So we have been on “blizzard” alert all day. I was actually a little excited as I have never experienced one before, though compared to all the snow that D.C got the past weekend I have to say I feel jipped! –lol. Nevertheless, I did enjoy my work from home snow day. I was quite productive and got alot of things done. I even tackled some of my taxes paperwork 🙂

These pictures were mostly taken for Mrs. Boots. Enjoy love! 🙂

I took these from my fire escape. Yes, I climbed out of my window in the middle of the storm. 😉 This is my view from the right… That’s St. Nicholas Park straight ahead..

This was my view straight forward. The white trees were breathtaking! 🙂

And looking down to the left I caught a good Samaritan cleaning up the sidewalks. Thanks sir!

Snow and all Fido needs to be walked 😉

Love this one 🙂

And my view to the complete left… On a clear day you can see part of the NYC skyline.. not today..lol

And my fave… 🙂

So i’ve mentioned before my “ying/yang” love for the snow…

Today I blogged the “YING”.. Stay tuned for a post about the “YANG”

For all you Northerners be safe out there!! Bundle up! xoxo!

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