Upon checking the mail and rummaging through normal bills, school loans, bank statements….she was finally here!!
I had been waiting patiently for her 7 days to be exact.. (I’m a little impatient..hehe) I had debated joining ZipCar for months. I told myself that (1) I would would NEVER dare drive in the city (2) Would I really use the membership (3) It would be more of annoyance having to go pick up the car then return it…Go an behold everytime I looked in the streets the (ZipCar) logo haunted me like a plague! Though everytime I looked at the driver’s they looked as happy as could be… The straw that broke the camels back was when I was trying to online shop… EVERYTHING I wanted was an “in strore” purchase only. I was infuriated! That’s it, I told myself and reconsidered my options.. To my disbelief the more I thought about the possibilities of having access to a car in the city the happier I became. A few days later my application was sign-sealed-delivered. I think she’s going to be my new best friend!! 🙂

1st stop: IKEA!

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