This past weekend I was able to go home and enjoy some time with my family. Though I fly down to Miami every 6-8 weeks, I am constantly working so I really don’t get to spend quality with them. This weekend was extra special as the 5 of us were all together. πŸ™‚

We took advantage of this and celebrated at Texas De Brazil a Brazilian style steakhouse.

I don’t frequent steakhouses so this was whole new experience for lil ol’ me.

Photo below courtesy of restaurant its self was beautifully decorated in a rustic ranchero theme.Β  The buffet salad/starch bar was located in the center of the room where we could serve ourselves all the veggies and starches our hearts desired. We were all given a medallion that would set the pace of our meal. If we were ready to have steak, chicken, or lamb we placed our medallion on the green side and a lovely waiter would come around with skewers filled with deliciousness. Once we stuffed our faces and wanted no more we turned the medallion the the red side.. πŸ™‚ My dad was a thug and cleansed his pallet with good ol’ Jose Cuervo… and of course I had to catch my brother in action being grubby πŸ™‚Momma and I had a little photoshoot…. See where I get my gap from.. Ha! πŸ˜€So the other siblings wanted a shot with mom too.. And Dad with his kids.. -1 (Tonny who lives in Cali) This picture makes me smile!!Love you family!! You guys are my world! <3

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