This past Sunday I was itching to go out and really enjoy the city. If you didn’t know I’m a little “needy” sometimes though it may be hard to believe. πŸ˜‰ I really wish I was one of those people who could just walk around the city and enjoy it alone.. but i’m not.

[confession] Hi, my name is Amy and I don’t like being alone….

[crowd response] Hiiiii Ammmyyy. — LOL

So on this fine Sunday I invited my friend and fellow photographer Lemu to come explore the city with me. I made a quick trip to B&H then met him on 14th st & 8th ave. We were determined to just explore so we pointed in a direction and just walked. The weird thing about the city is that everything feels and looks the same but different.. if that makes sense. We walked most of the West Village… along the Hudson…glided through Greenwich Village..and ended up in Washington Square.

Meet Lemu…He works in digital business development for MTV Networks and is a partner of Over all a pretty cool dude πŸ˜‰

Spring is my 2nd favorite season so I had to capture the flowers making their comeback.And people who enjoy bike riding for peace…And grandpa enjoying the breeze…When I grow up I want to live here.. LOL…but seriously I do!We even had a Miley sighting. HA!Now the day isn’t complete unless I have a little photo-shoot.. Lemu gladly participated πŸ™‚I totally love this one. This is so “Lemu”Love this one too.. The light in this alley was magical!We ended our adventure with Margarita’s at Caliente Cab Co. and they had Passion Fruit — my favorite!! πŸ™‚Lemu caught me being a photo nerd as he called it.. πŸ˜€and he captured me ohh so happy on this perfect Sunday..

Thanks Lemu for a great day!

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