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[ I really need good natural Vitamin D ]

It’s another Florida weekend. You may think to yourself “she’s in Florida every other weekend.” LoL. Not exactly, but I am there quite often. And you would also think I bask in the sunshine better known as the beach… But sadly I don’t… I never have time too since I work the whole time I am there….

This weekend I will be working as well.. I will be photographing Cheri and Larry’s Wedding at the Eden Roc Hotel on Collin’s Ave as well as another family session.. I desperately need some good ol’ Vitamin D. I am starting to look like as pale as a Cullen (Ha Ha to all my Twilighters)

So I have promised myself evenĀ  if its only an hour to sink my feet in the sand and soak up the sun. I hoping all goes as planned!! ::fingers crossed::

Photos Courtesy of Mrs. Boots

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