Happy Jetting

I arrived to Orlando a couple of hours ago and my flight with @JetBlue was just fabulous. I even got and extra bag of snacks #dontjudgeme :). Currently, I am  sitting on the couch enjoying some quality time with brother..I was tempted by his new iPhone4. So I ‘facetimed’ the only other person I could think of.. @Mirrs2

So I have to admit the new phone is pretty sweet and ‘fancy’… The whole concept of  iChating on a phone is so circa The Jetsons. Its sleek, screen is ubber sharp, and the keypad is finally user friendly. I really didn’t play with it much but from what I did experience, it caught my attention. I now have bullies like my brother @mirrs2 and @lovealwaysboots urging me to join #teamiPhone.

Though I do think the iPhone4 is swanky, I am not ready to give up my love affair with my blackberry.

Plus I just signed a 2 year contract. -lol- 😀

Happy Friday!

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