Today I am reflecting about my fabulous girlfriends.
I am quite blessed with a great group of “girl”friends. I have met these girls along my almost 26
year journey. You know how they say that people come into your lives for season. We these
girls have weathered quite a few seasons with me.. Lets start with the oldest…

Of course that would be Mrs. Boots herself.. my ace boonkoon.
Though we are really cousins, I never introduce her as that.. She’s always
been my best friend, bestie, suger-plum, love muffin, pirilin….. ect 🙂  ::waving::

Next are my “T.A.N.K.E.R.S” though the acronym doesn’t really
make sense anymore (lol) but they will always be my “TANKERS”. I met
these girls in a mixture of middle + high school. They were there in
my growing years when I was a shy, quite, little guppy.
“La Santa” they would call me. 🙂

The college years were the best. I grew up with the help of this bunch.
They were never afraid to hurt  my feeling and “tell it like it is”. They were
there through the good and the bad, highs and the lows.. So many memories

I was blessed with 11 sisters from other mothers on April 8, 2006. We are just
the perfect little bunch. We are all so different but somehow we just gel together nicely.
Ohh my linesisters.. How I love thee 🙂

Finally the girls I would not have made it in the concrete
jungle without. I have become the woman I am today with their support and love.
Ohhh we have laughed good laughs, had once in a lifetime experiences, pinched some pennies,
and learned to “live life”…

So there you have it, all the fabulous girls who make my world a happy place.

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