[ My Very Happy 26th Birthday]

July 28, 2010

So i’m officially 26 years old. EEEK!!!!

LOL! I still don’t feel like a fool blown “adult” but I guess when you tell someone “I’m 26” they kinda expect you to be.. Right? Well if this is how it feels then great! I am ready for this birth year to be 100% better then the next!

I wanted to say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who wished me a blessed 26th year..

Favorite moments from my 26th Celebration.

Special thank to my core friends who took time out of their lives to make my weekend extra special Mackenzie.Ericka.Raquel.Meli.Drenita.Olinka.Monica.Louie.

I totally love you guys, xoxo!

  1. Evelyn A says:

    As always, you are just amazing! I love that you turn ANY ocassion into a picture worthy moment! I hope you enjoyed your birthday and as always, best wishes!

    xoxo from Miami!

  2. EmmanuelC. says:

    IM VERY VERY GLAD you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!! its not over until the Month is over!! enjoy and be safe!!! HappY BirthdaY AimeS!!

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