On this perfect friday I came to the park. See this is a novelty for me because I’m rarely “off” on a week day so I wanted to see what non-working people do on friday’s at the park. I got some vittles from goodburger “home of the goodburger”  and of course an iced coffee from Dunkin’s. I walked over to central park and popped a squat on a nice patch of grass right in-front of the playground by Columbus Circle and got comfortable. Burger was delish, I appreciated the fact that they understood the meaning of “very well done” little things like that make me so happy. Weather was divine, borderline a little nippy — in July!  Only in NY. 🙂 I put on my earphones and jammed to Drake’s new album.  Which is so good by the way…

Guilty confession, I was supposed to come to edit but that never happened. #dontjudgeme. I got to caught up in taking pictures, people watching, talking to my mom, texting, bopping my head, and simply just enjoying my DAY OFF!!

Hope your Friday was just as wonderful as mine.

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