[I *heart* NYC] Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular

August 19, 2010

Last night I attended the best fashion show ever! It was the Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular at The Standard Hotel. Target rented out 155 rooms facing the south side of the Hotel. Following nine days of dance rehearsals on a 20,000 square foot rehearsal stage, 66 dancers performed dazzling choreography. 156 LED lights and a warehouse-sized buildings worth of fiber optic cable  were used to create fast-paced lighting patterns. The show was set to one original musical score by Sam Spiegel, recorded with a 30 piece orchestra, 10-member chorus and traditional drummers at the legendary Capitol Studios, best known as the home of Frank Sinatra.

Since I don’t work to far from The Standard despite the rain I popped a squat on the Highline 3 hours before the show. I figured I could get some much needed editing done and of course score a great seat!

Target provided its guest with custom binoculars for better viewing of the models high above.I was extra excited that @FRANCESHATHAWAY came out to join me.

We had a perfect little date that included freshly popped popcorn provided by Theo 😉

And the show began!It was truly breathtaking!Seriously one of the coolest shows ever! Granted I could barely see the “clothes” but the synchronized lights and dancing totally made up for it!Kudos to TARGET for such a phenomenal job!

You can’t really hear the music.. But enjoy the show!

Target Show from Amy Genao on Vimeo.

Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular at The Standard Hotel

  1. harold best says:

    That looks like it would have been awesome to see how creative. Target does some interesting things sometimes but they prices still higher than Walmart. Smh. But that show would be awesome to see on a cool summer night

  2. Demitra Wilson says:

    How cool. . .this is where I stayed when I was there last time.

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