Brother decided to come spend his vacation with me. Well not really, but I happen to live in NYC and it was a free place to stay. lol. I kid. He arrived on my birthday evening and was ready to explore the city. We first adventured to the Highline, one of my favorite locations in the city. Every time I go it looks different and I discover new things. It was a bit hot so our walk up there wasn’t too long.

While brother explored the 14th street apple store (he’s obsessed), Mrs. Boots and I picked up some Ked’s, which I’ve  wanted since forever, and patiently waited at Jackson Square Park ( corner of 8th Ave and Greenwich St) for brother to finish.
Our food tour guide (Mrs. Boots) suggested we venture to the Village to KESTE known for the best “Neopolitano” pizza in NYC. It was pretty darn tasty and the Nutella Pizza for dessert was just mouth watering!! Our old friend Olga stopped by to say Hi! 🙂 Fast forward to the next day, we @BoltBus to Washington, D.C. I of course slept most of the way. 🙂  In the morning we picked up “Chess” our ZipCar and headed for breakfast at BusBoys and Poets to sadly find out that we missed breakfast and had to get lunch. I had a grilled chicken pesto samich that was absolutely delish! The Mrs. was content with her quesadillas. Brother on the other hand had an avocado samich with sprouts that simply tasted like DIRT! 🙁

YAY time to site see! I’ve been to D.C a bunch of times to visit @KenziJai but never really got around to “sightseeing”. Of course we started off at the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to see my boo Obama and Boe but sadly they weren’t there. They left me a note of apology.  He promised me cookies next time. 🙂

I love to stumble upon total randomness and we totally did. The Boy Scouts of America were celebrating their 100 year anniversary and random fact my brother is an Eagle Scout. He was a little bashful to admit his excitement he totally didn’t fool me. We walked around the camp site and like a 10 year old he attempted most of the games. 😉I tried to fit the Washington Memorial in my purse but it didn’t fit… I’ll bring a bigger bag next time. 🙂
Do you watch DC Cupcakes on TLC ( Georgetown Cupcakes )? I do 🙂  We waited in line for 45 minutes but it was worth it. Best cupcakes i’ve ever had.
The Capitol look so pretty at night. Glad that we saved it for last.. We even got to watch a concert! Yippie! ::FistPound::Brother really wanted to take a trip down memory lane.. We drove down to Churchville, MD a little ol’ town on the outskirts of Bel Air, MD which happens to be where we lived 18 years ago. Its our first “home” from the ground up. Many good memories there!! 🙂
We continued our blast from the past and stopped by the Baltimore Harbor. My memory remembers it a lot bigger then what it really is but nonetheless it was still pretty and peaceful (aside from the Anime Convention and wierd people dressed up as Zelda… or whoever they are..)Thought i’d give you a kiss to Stuart poor thing was being manhandled all weekend by Mrs. Boots!

Don’t be fooled she looks sweet but steals salt water TAFFY!We both got farmer tans the day before (lol) so in lieu of it we enjoyed tropical drinks 🙂Brother dined on crabs… Yick!I have to give a shout out to our host @KenziJai, Whit, and of course Tyson ( the dog pictured below)

Caption image: ::taps on arm:: “Hello Sirs, can you scratch my neck please”  ::purr::  LOL!!! I’m not lying he totally did that!!

We finished our last night at Old Ebbitt Grill ( a D.C staple) with our old friends Rodney and Ruby. Great Food, Great Laughs, Great Company!

Thank you D.C for being so kind  to us. 🙂

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