Well guys this is how I look and feel today.

I’m on day 2 of feeling crappy with an awful ache in my lower jaw. šŸ™ From the feel of it seems like my teeth of wisdom have reared their ugly heads! I’m trying to make a dentist appointment for tommorow.. Maybe I just have TMJ… man who the hell knows…

Can you tell i’m grouchy??….Only thing making me happy right now is my squishy ice pack… :: hoo-hum ::

!!!! UPDATE !!!!

De got me a last minute appointment with Dr. Gwen Engelhard…

A swig of mouthwash, some poking, and 4 x-rays later I have been diagnosed with…. drumroll please….


TMJ syndromeĀ is an umbrella term coveringĀ acute orĀ chronicĀ inflammation of theĀ temporomandibular joint, which connects theĀ mandible to theĀ skull. The disorder and resultant dysfunction can result in significantĀ pain and impairment.

Apparently, I won’t be getting any wiser anytime soon because I have no wisdom teeth in my lower jaw (yay) but (boo) to a lifetime battle with TMJ….

Also, my dreams of one day getting braces was killed with the knowledge of knowing due to my otroucious cross bite, it will cost 1000’s of dollars and a few oral surguries to get everything all lined up.

No Thank You!

Guess I’ll have to start looking into Veneers… LOL..

So for the next 2 weeks I’ve been perscribed a “soft diet” and 2 Aleeve every six hours….if that doesn’t work….. I’ll have to get a night gaurd. YIKES!

So in lieu of my “pain an suffering”

Doctor’s orders! šŸ™‚

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