This past weekend I took a little trip back to D.C

I was longing for some quality time with my  B.F.F Jill and she was wishing the same. 🙂

She asked me what I wanted to do and I said “nothing” butttttttt Georgetown Cupcakes + We The Pizza.

We the Pizza is owned by Spike Mendelsohn’s. You might remember him from cycle 10 of Top Chef. He also owns Good Stuff Eatery right next door. ( Delish! I ate there on my last trip )

Loved this wall! “We” 🙂There were so many choices! I was quite overwhelmed!Nom Nom Nom 😀Mack decided to get experimental … lolI went with a simple Sicilian and Buffalo ChickenIt was delicious! Mack our adventurous weekend was fabulous. LOL 🙂And I even got to see Meli twice! SCORE!!!! 🙂

I <3 You girls!
Till next time boos…

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