[ My Mini Vacation ] Part 3•Schnebly Redland’s Winery• Miami, Fl

September 8, 2010

We planned a date night with our Moms. We thought it would be fun and nice to take them out for a fun filled girls night. You know moms always want to feel “young and hip” 😉 So we told them to get dressed up and be ready at 7pm. They had no idea where we were taking them. We packed picnic basket, drove in the darkness for 25 minutes, and arrived at Schnelby’s Redland’s Winery. Mom + Auntie were thrilled!

I have to say Schnebly’s is so cute!! You bring your own vittle but no beverages are allowed of course. There is a live band and open picnic tables and an indoor wine tasting room. The Misses and I opted for the sparkling wine tasting while our mothers wanted dessert wines.


Lychee was the crowd favorite. I personally didn’t like it and preferred the Passion Fruit (of course)

It was a delightful night with an interesting ending. 😉

Can’t wait to do it again Moms!


best apple pie ever! I heart you Publix! 🙂

  1. harold says:

    Good times with the Moms is always great ! I wish one day I could piggy back off a trip for u in jville to have my mom dress up and get some really good shots of her all dressed up and looking beautiful. Of course I’m talking for free lol. But yall look so cute, if any guy want to see u in thirty or forty years well here u go! Splitting image and smile! Only thing is u don’t know karate (black belt) like Ur Moms! Hahahahahah!

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  3. Giselle says:

    I love this place.. :O) Raquelita me gusta tu cabello..

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