If you have been paying attention to my tweets, weekly I have mentioned going to CLUB500.

I have been participating for the past few weeks and I seriously can’t get enough. CLUB 500 is designed to teach and train you to reach you individual health and fitness goals.  Through a customized health and fitness program you will have the ability to burn 500 calories a day, which can lead to one pound (3500 calories) loss a week and that is only the beginning… The class is built upon the principle of  of personal training in a group atmosphere. Louie (our trainer)  is full of energy and it right there with us. He goes around giving you undivided attention and when you feel like giving up he works through the exercise by your side.

Did I mention how good the music is? I know I hate going to classes that play the best of the 90’s!! None of that here!! Custom mixed by  on of NYC’s hottest — DJ Marc Elias (currently spinning at the W Hotel). It keeps you motivated and just when you want to give up the beat switches up and you find yourself with a sudden burst of energy.

The class is a mix of stretching, core exercises, strength training, cardio, and boxing give you a FULL body workout that you feel right away. I won’t lie, class is intense! Im serious, its no joke! But I love that it pushes me further with the motivation of everyone around me.

I invite you to come join us! You will NOT be disappointed! If you want more details, email fitclub500@gmail.com

Big shout out to Cat, Dana, Jess, Kristina, Lindsay, Liz, Olinka, and Dre for always making class that much better! 🙂

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