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[ Little Ones ] Ever so cute Dominic

Sandy contacted me that she wanted to get Dominics 6 month session done before her favorite holiday — Halloween.

I arrived at their lovely home and with a huge smile on her face she said #dontjudgeme and she showed me Dominics homemade costume for the shoot.To her surprise I jumped up and down in total glee!! I love when parents really put and effort into making moments unique and memorable for their children. (Maybe its because I vow to be that way when I (if ever) get that maternal bug to have a little one of my own).

Who can resit a baby pumpkin?? Really now! 🙂love.love.loveMom was having a little trouble with his shoe.. 😉Dominic has a PIMPEST wardrobe i’ve seen on a 6 month old! He is ALWAYS decked out in Ralph Lauren! 🙂I melted! 🙂Costume change!! Enter the safari Caption: Mom I’m hot.


Feeding time for our little model. He was so hungry!Love this family!xoxo!

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