Iris tweeted that she was coming to NYC, I hadn’t seen her in years so I tweeted back that I would love to see her during her visit. About a week later, I received an email from Demetrus, Iris’s boyfriend. He introduced himself and let me know that they were coming to NYC for the first time together and he wanted  to surprise her with something”BIG”. I instantly knew what this “BIG” moment was gong to be and was estatic that I was going to capture the moment.

It was 7am and with butterflies in my stomach I waited patiently for them to arrive. I actually think I was more nervous the Demetrus was. (lol)

Little to Iris’s knowledge, Demetrus and I had planned everything out.I texted him are you ready? He said yes, and they came strolling by.. She had no idea what was happening and even less then an idea that I was there…. He got on his knee and asked her to marry him and with tears in her eyes she agreed.

This is when she realized I was there…She was like O.M.G is that Amy?? 🙂

Demetrus had one more surprise for her… The key to the new home he had just purchased them. 🙂

He got so many brownie points for that!

She still couldn’t believe it! and the ring….Sooo PIMP!


Can’t wait for Part II of this engagement session..


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