This is where they met in 2003. They were both high school seniors and were attending the Scholar’s Day at the University of Central Florida. After staring at her for 30 minutes he finally worked up the courage to speak to her. Kenysha was a little resistant at first but after chatting for a bit they ended up exchanging numbers and hanging out the rest of the day. That summer their relationship blossomed and by the first day of school they were already a couple and have been together ever since.

I met both Kenysha and Mike as freshman’s and have watched their relationship blossom and grow stronger then ever. Not to mention that I have a special connection to Kenysha since she is also my line sister and close friend.

8 years, 1 month, and 9 days from the day that Mike could not take his eyes of Kenysha they will be exchanging vows in Orlando, Florida. I can’t wait!

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