I met the Sanchez family at Celine’s baptism last year. I was fascinated by this little girl [Sophia] who was just frolicking along as we waited for the ceremony to start. She was as cute as a button and I couldn’t help snapping some shots of her. 

A few months later Adis (Mom) called me and we set a date for session for Sophia’s 2nd Birthday.

I arrived to their West Palm Beach home and I was blown away by the Miami Dolphin wall art – Totally Amazing! If you haven’t already guessed they are huge fans! With her stuffed Jaguar in her hand I followed little Sophia around the house. We played with dolls, blew bubbles, picked flowers, and had a tea party. Then it hit me, she totally reminded me of Boo from Monster’s Inc!! Her enthusiasm, mannerisms, and ever a few of her words were so similar. I was so in love!

And if you don’t already know Boo is my favorite character EVER!


I can’t wait to play with Sophia again!

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