You know that girl who always dressed so chic, personality is so fly, and who’s smile can brighten a room? Well this is her, Mrs. Ashley “Sumbry” Blackwood. She is the girl to know! I met her back at U.C.F and our paths have been intertwined ever since.  She currently works as the Community and Public Relations agent for the New York Knicks.  The things I love most about Sumby is that she is extremely humble, loyal, and honest. She always has the best advice and she even offered me her couch for editing! Hello…. *WINNING*

Didn’t I tell you she was cool? *tee-hee*


Well Sumbry’s loving husband Jeremane emailed me that he wanted to surprise her with a photo shoot for her birthday. Now you know I love surprises! We set everything up and I gave him the task of what props would be needed (Ballons + Cupcakes). Sumbry’s sister Shantelle was also in town so of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some of them together.  We shot up in our hood *Harlem* and it was such an amazing Saturday!

Happy Birthday Sumbry!

P.S You are totally GORGEOUS! #thatisall

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