Its funny because growing up all my friends used to call my mom the warden. She was the strictest of the bunch and I ALWAYS had chores to do.  (Hence my hate for doing dishes as an adult, lol) Anytime I wanted to do anything remotely fun that answer was usually NO or I was given a list a mile long of tasks to accomplish and IF I accomplished them all only then would she consider letting my go. Growing up it totally sucked but as I look back I smile and laugh. I understand now that my mother was only trying to teach me responsibility, accountability, and a work ethic.

Lately, most when most people see a picture of my mom and I they ask if she’s my sister. I smile and say no, thats my Mom. 🙂 The relationship that we now  have is like sisters. I call my mom to share all the good and bad news or to gossip about the latest foolery going on. When I am home we have ladies nights, go shopping, cook together, and just hang out. My moms is that “person” I know I can always count on through thick and thin. She is my biggest cheerleader but is quick to put me in check when I do something wrong. She sends me pictures of puppy all the time because she knows I miss her so much. She always packs my dinner for my flights home to NYC.  She tells me that she prays for me everyday and reminds me that I am blessed because of HIM. My mom KNOWS me like NO other.

Today is Mom’s 60th Birthday!

I am sad I am no physically with her today but I will see her via iChat.

I love you Mami! Enjoy your very special day!


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