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[ Random Ramblings ] Our Sunday


I haven’t blogged my personal life in over a month. I thought it was due time for an update. Well..

I moved! Into the most fabulous NYC apartment ever! Mine mine all mine.. Well its not ALL mine… My other half Raquel FINALLY moved to NYC!! I had to endure many evil eyes from our family for “taking her away” but I won!! She’s mine! 🙂

So yes, the Misses and I have a home to call our own.

As we decorate I will share photos but for right now were living off of Ikea silverware and paper plates and Ohh how I <3 thee!

It’t been hotter then a skillet for about 2 weeks now. Miserable never feel “fresh” kind of heat. 🙁

To comfort our woes we made pasta salad + pie and suddenly summer didn’t feel so bad.



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