Yesterday was one of those days that you tell your kids about πŸ™‚

I got invited to see Beyonce at the Roseland Ballroom for an “intimate” show.

Intimate it was!

Since it was “standing room only” Mack wanted to ensure that we got a prime spot, meaning get in line at 12:30pm for a 10pm show. So we caught up on life, read, made friends, charged our phones at Hale & Hearty, enjoyed our own cocktail hour, got caged in, and realized we are both obsessed with avocados.Β It was a long wait but I loved every minute and getting to see Bey up close and personal with your best friend is #priceless.

Beyonce was amazing. That girl has some energy!

Can’t wait to see her again but next time a seat would be fabulous πŸ˜‰

Special thank you to Whitney for the ticket as well as coming to pick up our extra “stuff” before we went in.


The End.

We went straight home and took a LONG bath.



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