I have basically known the Padilla family my whole life. 23 years ago when I lived in Churchville, Maryland they were my neighbors. We did so many things together and I can remember birthday’s, holiday’s, school days, and snow days together. When my family moved down to Florida in 1992  we vowed to always keep in touch. Of course time got the best of us and communication was eventually lost but  through the power of  Facebook in 2009 we  ( the kids) reconnected.  Cynthia and I shared many messages back and forth and here I am almost 2 years later taking their family portrait.  Though Lester, Vicky and Alana now live in Atlanta it was quite nostalgic to see all of them! Us “kids” are all grown up but it honestly felt like no time had passed at all. We spent a whole fabulous day together and it was a true testament how no amount of time can break the bond of a true friendship!

Padilla Family you are amazing!

Cynthia and Vicky circa 1990

From Left to Right: Adrian, Lester, Indy, Vicky,Bradley, Cynthia & Alana. 🙂

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