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December 21, 2011

I have been excited to share these images with everyone. Brian and Iliana had a GORGEOUS wedding in Cancun, Mexico. Though the weather wasn’t cooperative the grounds of the Azul Beach Resort  and OUTSTANDING staff made up for it. It was a weekend filled with alot of laughter, lounging, and shots. 🙂  Iliana did most of the planning with some help from DestinationWeddings. The details were spectacular specifically the welcome bag + maracas! I was taken back by all of the LOVE I felt from both Brian and Iliana’s family. By the end of the weekend I could have sworn we were kin. 😉

Simply Amazing!


  1. cariny camacho says:

    As always you were amazing in capturing the most magical moments. It was a wonderful weekend filled with love and happiness all which are clear in your pictures. Great moments, so happy I was able to share it with them and you. 🙂

  2. Sylvia Nodarse says:

    These are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen. They are really beautiful. I hope the couple stay as happy as they seems for ever,

    Have a great life,
    Sylvia Nodarse from Miami

  3. Ebonie says:

    and THIS is why you’re doing my wedding Amy Boo! 😀

  4. YOU are an amazing story line photogr[aher- i LOVE every Photos you have taken…

    I am a personal friend of Iliana– i just wanted to say thank you as well cuz this was a moment i wish i could had been there… oxox thx – by looking at these photos made me felt i didn’t miss a thing!!!


  5. Ezi says:

    Amy these have to be some of THE BEST pics! And kudos to the couple for those little details! LOVE IT!

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