Joey, Emma, and Matthew are no strangers to my lens. This year for the annual family session we decided to keep things extra casual and just go with the flow. We met at South Pointe Park and I gushed about how much of a little man Matthew has become. I already know that Matthew is going to know how to win over the ladies because he told me 5 minutes into the session that I was his princess.. 😉

C’mon now he totally got a million cool points for that…

And let me tell you I almost wet my pants in laughter when Matthew didn’t see Joey around and started looking for him screaming ” JOEEESSSEPHHHHHHHHH, JOEEESSSEPHHHHHHHHH”.. It was utterly the funniest thing I have witnessed in a long time! Emma blushed a little in embarrassment and said well at least he didn’t yell “BABBBEEEE”… Ohh kids I tell you! Gotta love them to pieces!

You guys totally Rock! Can’t wait till next years session… 😉


Captions: Please no pictures, no pictures… LOL!

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