This year:

 * I celebrated my 3rd successful year in NYC. Can you believe that!? Seems like yesterday that I packed my bags and decided to make the biggest and scariest decision of my life. I haven’t regretted a minute of it. Living in NYC has only made me stronger, wiser, and a hellova advocate for everything Manhattan. 🙂

* Witnessed and Celebrated my 2nd Grandfather turn 100!!

* I had the opportunity to shoot so many incredible weddings & sessions. (My fave shoot this year.) I am a stronger photographer and am more in love with my career then ever.

* I got to see  the AHHHMAZING Adele LIVE who I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE!  I also stood in line for 10 hrs with my bestie Mack for an intimate experience at the Roseland with Beyonce. Little did we know she would announce her pregnancy a few days later and because of that my video was featured on Entertainment Tonight! So epic!

* I traveled to Florida more then anyone I know! LOL

* I quit my job.

* I was blessed with another amazing year with the greatest girl girlfriends.

* I retired my Blackberry, joined team iPhone and quickly became addicted to Instagram.

* I celebrated 5 years in Delta. ( I love you LS’s)

* I read more books then I ever have! The Alchemist being my favorite.

*I reunited with my childhood neighbors who I hadn’t seen in over 10 years and shot their beautiful family portraits.

* I had my images published in Jet Magazine and CRAVE.

* I moved into the most beautiful apartment with my other half and after almost 4 years I finally feel like I have a “home.”

* I lost 2 incredibly important people who influenced my life tremendously. Within months of each other they were both gone.. My last set of grandparents had been there through every milestone I have had, my first memories include them, and there teachings are engraved in mind. The most important thing they taught me was the power of patience and ever lasting love. They were married for 62 years and though they didn’t always see eye to eye, they loved and supported each other 100%. I witnessed their love grew deeper the last few years together. I could see it in the way he looked at her, they way she always reached for his hand, and as my grandfather quickly lost his memory never once did he forgot who she was. She had always been the matriarch and backbone that kept everything together. She was savvy, funny, incredibly loving yet knew the exact moments when she needed to be feisty. When he passed in August she was heartbroken and a part of her went with him. Though she tried to go one without him less then 3 months later on her visit to Dominican Republic to spread his ashes she in peace closed her eyes and reunited with her love. The place where they met, fell in love, and vowed to stay together till death did them part…Though my heart still aches that they are no longer physically here they I am grateful for the 27 years they selflessly devoted their children grand and great.

* Last but not least….I met a boy by the name of Jordan who is remarkably smart, humble, sweet, funny, affectionate, intuitive, and everyones best friend. We met through a close mutual friend almost a year ago and though neither of us pursued anything God knew exactly when to let Cupids arrow strike. Since that moment I have yet to stop smiling and friends like to say I’m glowing. When we are together I am a basket of giddiness!! He never fails to hold my hand,  makes me feel beautiful (even when I know I look a mess), laughs at my corny jokes (thats made me realize I am my biggest source of entertainment), keeps all his promises (even when I forgot he made them), takes me on romantic impromptu dates, understands my neediness, and never fails to rave about my work to others because he truly believes in me. He is the best boyfriend I could have ever asked for. 😉


2011 was bitterSWEET and one I wont forget.

I welcome 2012 with open arms and I am optimistic and excited for all it has in store!

Thank you to all of you who continue to make an influence in my life and push me every day to be better.

I appreciate you!



A few weeks ago I asked my friend and amazing photographer Victor Arias to photograph me with Pearls just because. I wanted a shoot that showcased my personality and simply how HAPPY and BLESSED I feel every day.

Thank you Victor for doing just that! 🙂


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