I know i’m young but amazing things have happened in my lifetime like the birth of the internets, cell phones, everything APPLE, and Obama being elected president to name a few…The opportunity witness my beloved sorority Delta Sigma Theta  turn 100 tops the list for me!! There was a “sea of red” throughout the city as over 12,000 Sorors from across the nation came together to witness this incredible milestone.

 Our series of centennial events  began on January 1 as we participated with a float in the Rose Bowl parade. It was followed by a major media blitz on January 10th where Sorors from all over the country gathered in Times Square – NYC and made our presence known at all the network morning shows. This weekend January 11-13 in Washington, DC, 22 service projects were executed in honor of our founders, a rededication luncheon, awards gala and Ecumenical Service was hosted. In March,  we will re-enact the Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913, in which our founders participated and then we will gather in Washington again in July for our national convention.

The best part of this past weekend was being able to fellowship with and amazing group of ladies who are truly my sisters. We laughed, cried, partied, reminisced and did a whole lot of eating. I could not have wished for a better centennial experience.  Much love to the ladies of Mu Iota who made me and gave me the opportunity to join this illustrious organization – Thank you!! 🙂

 Happy 100 Years my Sorors!! OO-OOP!

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