It had been a long time coming but I finally moved Pearly to NYC!!

I felt that I was the girl who cried wolf because every time I visited I would always say “I’m taking her with me”, but never did. Over the holiday break I decided that I was finally ready and prepared to make the transition.   Many of you might think – Whats the big deal? Well here were a few of my dilemmas over the years:

1. Living in a building & with roommates that liked/allowed dogs.

2. I travel ALOT so putting Pearls in a Kennel freaks me out and not to mention is EXPENSIVE!

3. She’s been my parents adoptive dog for the past 4 years.. Will I be a jerk for taking her away?

4. Having a pet is like having a child, was I ready to be a “Mom”?

After much thought and consideration I committed! I bought all of Pearls supplies and on Dec 31st we flew together for the first time. I was surprised how well she did! There was a bit of whining but over all she was a trooper! I think she was mostly excited just be by my side.  I thought that she would hate the cold weather but to my surprise she LOVES being outside and jumps for joy every time I reach for the leash. Pearls follows me like my 5’clock shadow so having her adjust to being alone 1/2 the day has been tricky but she’s getting the hang of it. Over our transition has gone well and this new mom thing is not as hard as I originally thought.  Most importantly, seeing her everyday is worth it! 🙂

Next step is conquering the dog park… She doesn’t fancy other dogs so this will be interesting..

Stay tuned!


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