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September 3, 2016

Simply a Queen wearing @leahdagloria #jamwiththemartins #amyanaizphoto #nycweddingphotographer #ItsNotSunItsProfoto

Simply a Queen wearing @leahdagloria

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  1. You will be the photographer for my wedding.

  2. ms_jnel says:

    I so love her dress!!! @blckrdabrry

  3. leahdagloria says:

    Thank you for the tag, the pictures are fantastic!

  4. Her dress is killing the internet

  5. humbleqt78 says:

    @midwifekeisha This made me smile a million times. Breathtaking!!!

  6. shaun1 says:

    This is insanely gorgeous @makiniregaldesigns

  7. darselle215 says:

    Gorgeous!!! And love the pink flowers in the backdrop!

  8. sarali._ says:

    @deannaa95 look at her dress!!! Get that for your party!!

  9. @jenniferforrester yeah it is! It would be amazing on you for your future vow renewal

  10. This shot is absolutely amazing!! Wow…

  11. we.want.ev says:

    If your ever In Toronto I’d love to buy you a tea and pick your brain lol great work.

  12. nixx_99 says:

    Breath taking!

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