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September 21, 2016

When they ask me for a test shot ? #amyanaizbts #werk #holdfastgear

When they ask me for a test shot ?

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  1. jimi_chu says:

    Hehehehehe, so cute.

  2. That’s right girl!!! ??

  3. mrs.debono says:

    Love this and love you!!

  4. That holdfast swag ???

  5. @elkin.cardona never leave home without it

  6. Oh you gave it to them uh

  7. #lights #camera #action ?

  8. Love the attitude in this photo!

  9. Haha Nice? Looks like your having fun gotta love photography

  10. tonymodelo says:

    @amyanaizphoto absolutely gorgeous. Just captivating

  11. Great meeting you today! You were awesome! Will definitely tell Kunbi you said hi next time we speak.

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