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September 26, 2016

And they all believed in #ANewYorkLoveJones #amyanaizphoto #journeytojones #nycweddingphotographer

And they all believed in

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  1. lacesinc_1 says:

    @dara_mangored or blue that’s my face color

  2. lacesinc_1 says:

    This is beautiful

  3. syddarling says:


  4. andthethird says:

    These colors are everything!

  5. sonastyceo says:

    These colors are every fucking THANG!!!!!!!!

  6. A stunning bridal party!

  7. celivianm says:

    @lexiria5.5 chacun a son modèles

  8. Do you mind me asking, are you using multiple flashes with modifiers or strobes for your photography? Your depth of detail and background separation is incredible!

  9. @_leannweston_ I used 1 on camera flash and a profoto B2 with an umbrella diffuser. Think my f stop was at like 4. Hope that helps 🙂

  10. @_leannweston_ the profoto was on camera right 🙂

  11. @amyanaizphoto I’m starting to think I need to invest in the Profoto tech. I think you use it outside as well, but you make it look so “unflashy.” Inspiring!!! Plus, your weddings are SOOOOOO beautiful!! What incredible brides!!

  12. @_leannweston_ I don’t regret the investment. The light quality is amaze.

  13. @amyanaizphoto Thanks for taking the time to chat and for your advice. I will be following your work for sure! 🙂

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