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October 9, 2016

Well let’s get wedding #2 of this holiday weekend started! ?? #lovelaughlewis #tiffbogetsmarried #amyanaizphoto

Well let's get wedding of this holiday weekend started! ??

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  1. What did you do to yourself?

  2. Well you look cute

  3. Seriously?!!! What commitment! Wow!

  4. Oh no, what happened? Feel better!!

  5. erickadunlap says:

    Never. Stop. The. Hustle!!

  6. ijorere says:

    Doing what superwomen do ?

  7. Oh No ????. Above and beyond- as always ?

  8. Is there anything you can’t do?!

  9. jenn_amaris says:

    Your photos are still dope, hope you are ok! ??

  10. Aww thanks for the love concern and encouragement everyone!!

  11. @ljemodelagency @paperedwonders @jonesforbeauty I severely sprained my ankle so the boot is my new friend for a few weeks.

  12. Aww, so sorry to hear that. Feel better!

  13. Sheesh! Welp at least you didn’t break it.

  14. Oh my gosh! I love this. I have rocked a boot four times in my life so far,

  15. But mercifully I have missed weddings!

  16. mnicaisse says:

    Cool picture boo

  17. Aww! Sending healing your way!!

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