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November 1, 2016

When the backdrop can’t be anymore perfect!! #amyanaizphoto #tampaweddingphotographer

When the backdrop can't be anymore perfect!!

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  1. Gorgeous location and couple. I love those cool trees!

  2. yazatpop says:

    That house was simply amazing! I still have images of you in my head working every angle to get the perfect shot.

  3. This is absolutely incredible!

  4. taylorandhov says:

    I need something for you to shoot asap. Do you do crazy fun portraits by any chance??

  5. casadefallon says:

    Wow, incredible!!! Such a beautiful canvas to work with!

  6. ambermarlow says:

    This venue looks like a dream!

  7. ileevents says:

    This background is gorgeous ??

  8. That backdrop is gorgeous.

  9. joshua_dwain says:

    I love how you own the place lol.

  10. What a gorgeous venue! The photo is stunning as well!

  11. maebfilms says:

    Such a great venue, too pretty

  12. What a beautiful venue!

  13. carissa813 says:

    Where is this place? It’s so pretty

  14. Love this shot @amyanaizphoto! Beautiful couple!!!

  15. What a gorgeous location!

  16. That venue is everything! Beautiful!!

  17. brighamandco says:

    You ain’t kidding!! A beaut

  18. dbj_events says:

    seriously – nail on the head with this one!

  19. Absolutely stunning! So perfect!

  20. Yes stunning backdrop!

  21. Come through #detailslayer! You already know how I feel about this

  22. theduostudio says:

    I have to agree!

  23. ladyplanner says:

    So gorgeous – the perfect backdrop!

  24. Wow absolute dream!!

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