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November 8, 2016

I voted!!! Did you?!?! Your vote matters!! #election2016 #amyanaizphoto #imwithher #hablayvota

I voted!!! Did you?!?! Your vote matters!!

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  1. Yes get out and vote.

  2. What a cutie! Going later today!

  3. We sure did. Though there was something not clean in the water

  4. @parchmentbydami God don’t like ugly though.. so we good! #keepthefaith

  5. I voted! This is a cute photo! #futurevoter

  6. Everyone should go vote today!!

  7. I’m voting tonight once I get off work!

  8. This little guy is well framed

  9. @amyanaizphoto voting on my lunch! Can’t wait!

  10. brighamandco says:

    Later today, woot woot

  11. casadefallon says:

    So so cute!!! #voted

  12. Adorable!! Good luck today!

  13. ileevents says:

    Yup! Just voted! ????

  14. dbj_events says:

    what a cutie pie!!! waiting with bated breath for results

  15. The rest of the world thanks you for making the right choice!! Lol

  16. ladyplanner says:

    What a cute snap!

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