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November 12, 2016

When the ladies give full approval. ? #amyanaizphoto #nycweddingphotographer #ellescoutureevents #ItsNotSunItsProfoto

When the ladies give full approval. ?

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  1. Wow this is amazing with that skyline in the background!

  2. That is a very sharp-dressed man.

  3. Wholly skyline !!! love the girl rocking it on the end.?

  4. Fancy, classy and funny. They totally nailed it!!!

  5. So fierce and glamorous!

  6. I love their black dresses.

  7. casadefallon says:

    So much life in this photo! I love itb

  8. ladyplanner says:

    What a fun shot!

  9. Black and white any day !!

  10. ileevents says:

    Oh he is good to go then ??

  11. Haha what a cute shot.

  12. theduostudio says:

    What a fun shot. They all look amazing.

  13. dbj_events says:

    hahaha cute! looks like a fun bridal party

  14. brighamandco says:

    What a great capture

  15. Love a black and white palate ?

  16. This is hilarious! What a fun bridal party and a cool location! I love the skyline!

  17. This is great! Love the composition with the epic skyline in the background!

  18. This bridal party is styling!

  19. taylorandhov says:

    Black makes everything so magical

  20. maebfilms says:

    Looking sharp, everyone’s in my favorite color ???

  21. @amyanaizphoto how perfect! They definitely approve!

  22. Ha I love this! They are a fun group!

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