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December 1, 2016

I love when a bride walks with both her parents down the aisle. #amyanaizphoto #nycweddingphotographer

I love when a bride walks with both her parents down the aisle.

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  1. Love their facial expressions πŸ™‚

  2. I love this concept.

  3. So sweet to include them both!

  4. alliejeanty says:

    I love this photo! Gwen and Tone!

  5. ambermarlow says:

    She and her mom look so much alike.

  6. Oh, she’s a cute! ?

  7. i love that too! so special

  8. It’s such a special tradition!

  9. @amyanaizphoto I love how this is starting to pick up!

  10. Haven’t seen that before, but it does make sense.

  11. So powerfully beautiful

  12. This makes for such a special moment! ??

  13. dbj_events says:

    ahh @amyanaizphoto I saw a video of the groom walking down the aisle to his excited bride – at first glance I wasn’t sure but that quickly turned into absolute love

  14. maebfilms says:

    I love it too, so special to include mom and dad

  15. ileevents says:

    Very beautiful you can see mom was ecstatic

  16. @empressdani we did this too! Can’t forget about Mom!

  17. empressdani says:

    Robinson Girls: Taking mom and dad down aisles since 2008 @hunniebee_mel

  18. I was thinking of doing this πŸ™‚ cc: @greggyb23

  19. Awe I just love this!

  20. Aww that’s so sweet! What a special memory for all of them

  21. So adorable! And such a precious moment for them!

  22. Oh adorable! Look at how excited Mom is and Dad trying not to cry! Great moment captured, Amy!

  23. brighamandco says:

    That’s really sweet, love this

  24. I love it too! Showcase both parents!

  25. ladyplanner says:

    What a special moment! Love this ?

  26. Mom and Dad look so proud!!! – great capture here!!

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