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December 8, 2016

An intimate moment with Farah + Jason #amyanaizphoto #nycweddingphotographer

An intimate moment with Farah + Jason

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  1. So much glitz! Must have been a fun wedding!

  2. Oh my I am sure this was so elegant and glam.

  3. jwctp says:

    Wow look at that dude’s jacket. Must have been a stylish wedding.

  4. That bridal headpiece and those pearl adorned flowers

  5. brcphotog says:

    So much love between these two! ??

  6. Man I absolutely love his jacket!!!

  7. very pretty! his jacket is amazing!

  8. casadefallon says:

    What a gorgeous bouquet!!!!

  9. taylorandhov says:

    Love his jacket! 🙂

  10. ileevents says:

    His jacket is dope ??

  11. says:

    Whoa that jacket pops out

  12. Such a gorgeous shot!

  13. Her dress is stellar

  14. Dang that groom’s jacket…

  15. I love the brooches in the bouquet!

  16. Wow this guy and that girl

  17. oluwa.dami says:

    We need another pic for the dress alone. Come through details!!

  18. @oluwa.dami it’s coming ??

  19. The dress. The jacket. Everything is on point ?

  20. Now that is a cool jacket! ??

  21. brighamandco says:

    Seriously, that jacket is awesome!!

  22. I love her hair jewelry!

  23. cozyclicks says:

    Beautiful shot!

  24. amyhaberland says:

    Lots of love in this shot

  25. middleaisle says:

    The beading on that dress!!

  26. maebfilms says:

    They look happy

  27. Great shot! I love his suit jacket!

  28. Just beautiful! Love what they are both wearing!

  29. dbj_events says:

    ahhh those florals are so pretty- awesome photo lady x

  30. ladyplanner says:

    Wow what a unique suit!

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