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December 30, 2016

Any big plans for this last Friday of 2016? #amyanaizphoto #thenewsuzy #nycweddingphotographer

Any big plans for this last Friday of 2016?

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  1. gorgeous! i have my last wedding of the year today!

  2. woohoo!! End the year with a bang !!

  3. @joshua_dwain so jealous!! But have an amazing time!!!

  4. That underwear is gorgeous! I’m getting ready for tomorrows wedding!

  5. dbj_events says:

    ps just came back from dinner where we discussed international time lines! #lastsupper

  6. No plans but this is stunning.

  7. Family time. Love this shot!

  8. casadefallon says:

    Final prep time for my baby brothers wedding and the rehearsal dinner tonight!!! ??

  9. I love the bold background!

  10. So high fashion yet so fun editorial ?!

  11. No plans as of yet!! Maybe we will just be staying in…

  12. Woah looking good there!

  13. jwctp says:

    That’s a cool shot

  14. anniespring says:

    Oh I love this! Happy Holidays, @amyanaizphoto!

  15. brighamandco says:

    Rest and relaxation!!!

  16. Loving how glam this is!! Was this a bridal boudoir shoot or a fashion shoot??

  17. I’m guessing that this lady has some big plans…

  18. brcphotog says:

    Her skin looks flawless!

  19. Wow great editorial shot!

  20. terribaskin says:

    Wow I love this Amy!!

  21. Cleaning house to get ready for family visiting and going on vacation next week!

  22. Wowza! ??no plans but great shot!

  23. @amyanaizphoto driving the last 5 hours of a 10 hour car ride to make it home in time to hang out with friends tomorrow!

  24. Such a unique and fun photo!

  25. Such a stunning photo!

  26. amyhaberland says:

    Wow gorgeous and sexy

  27. I absolutely love this!

  28. ileevents says:

    I’m doing a cleanse of everything ?

  29. ladyplanner says:

    The little bows on the shoes are the best ?

  30. Haha I wish!!! Love this photo!

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