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January 4, 2017

That parent to be kinda happiness ? #amyanaizphoto #nycmaternityphotographer

That parent to be kinda happiness ?

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  1. Yes the best type of happiness.

  2. sumomosuki says:

    Ah so cute to see a happy little family

  3. They look so happy – great job capturing a beautiful time in their lives!

  4. jwctp says:

    They do look pretty happy

  5. legal_myla says:

    !!! Thank you so much… you dont know how much we love the pictures. @amyanaizphoto

  6. brighamandco says:

    Great styling here!!! Beauties

  7. this is such a beautiful shot!

  8. simplysassou says:

    Nice maternity shoot !!

  9. bekahsears says:

    I love the colors and how it’s all accented by the sunset in the background!!! ?

  10. 54thrones says:

    Cute maternity shoot!!

  11. They look very happy

  12. So pretty and so happy!

  13. They are just glowing with happiness!!????

  14. Wonderful shot here!

  15. rick_wayne says:

    So much happiness in one photo

  16. What a beautiful dress for a maternity shoot. Love how happy they look!

  17. Such a beautiful moment captured. Glowing!

  18. They are really glowing!

  19. anniespring says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow! Loving this @amyanaizphoto!

  20. She looks absolutely radiant!

  21. Great photo! They do look so gorgeously happy!

  22. Suck a lovely photo of parents to be!

  23. whoisdk.jpg says:

    Beautifully captured

  24. andeverfilms says:

    Aww! Such great moments!

  25. adokiye says:

    Very cool | nice | impressive |Like | Love | I love |kill it | looking good | | |

  26. Awe these colors are sooo prett

  27. dbj_events says:

    so much love and joy in the one pic x

  28. They look super happy!

  29. I love the spark they have

  30. Precious photo for memories

  31. sisterlocked says:

    Such a great shot!

  32. They look so excited!

  33. Congratulations to the expecting couple!

  34. tooandalee says:

    I can’t wait to have one of my own!

  35. ileevents says:

    No worries in the world when a special gift is on the way ?

  36. Love doing shoots there…it’s really beautiful and love this capture!!!

  37. ladyplanner says:

    Such a pretty park!

  38. amyhaberland says:

    Beautiful dress it matches the sunset!

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